Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have a few things to blog about, but I didn't take the time to write about them, so here we are for a little bit of randomness on this Wednesday morning. I can't think of some cutesy name though, Wednesday Weirdness?

1. My favorite emoticon of all time is the tongue sticking out smilie. This is because when I do something silly or stupid in real life, I bite my tongue, so instead of a regular smilie or a winky smilie, tongue sticking out smilie it is. I wonder how many times my friends have rolled their eyes at the number of these smilies I tend to insert in a chat conversation. At least my signature emoticon is a happy one though, you can tell a lot about a person by their emoticons.

2. I avoid buying fabric with any semblance of a grid-like pattern. I see things all the time that are so cute that I would love to have. It takes me all of 2 seconds to flash forward to me standing at my cutting table cursing my decision as I try to get pieces cut (and then sewn) so that the pattern is exactly straight up and down. So then I don't buy it. Give me a nice, forgiving solid or random pattern any day.

3. There are times I actually yell at pinterest, "does not work as advertised!!!" It annoys me to see someone is clearly just trying to capitalize on the pinterest crazy and drive traffic to their blog by posting stuff that will not work the way they've described it. Glow bracelets in plastic eggs? First of all, my kids go to bed before dark. Second of all, I tried the whole glow sticks in balloons trick and that didn't even work, so no way in hades is a glow bracelet inside a plastic egg going to glow the way it shows up in that photo. Me thinks careful staging and photoshop were involved to pull off that one. Small LED lights in eggs, maybe.

4. While we're on Pinterest, it also makes me stabby when people do a round-up of great ideas. Oh, yay them. They take someone else's idea, someone else's picture and post it on their blog along with 9 other great ideas. Their blog gets pinned and garners a TON of traffic (and money, let's not forget). Pre-pinterest, this may have been a nice way to drive some traffic to a smaller blog, but bloggers know about pinterest now and I wish they'd knock it off with this stuff.

5. But back to me, I have a therapist now. And I'm excited to go see her this morning. I think I successfully completed my homework by bringing my "do it perfect, or don't do it" tendency to the forefront of my mind. I'm also eager to share something I learned from a neuroscience book I read. 'Cause if I'm gonna go to therapy, I gotta be the A+ student and all. Which is why I need therapy...

6. I just read a glaring grammatical error on page 11 of the new book I'm reading. I obviously make plenty of these errors myself, so it probably shouldn't bother me so much, but it does.

7. I'm ready to be done writing. It bothers me that this list isn't going to end on a nice even number like five or ten, but it's ending anyway.


Rachel said...

I share your sentiments regarding Pinterest. I get so frustrated with it lately that I only go there to pin and look up my recipes and such, not to browse other pins. I'm glad someone else feels the same way. It was really hilarious to read your post and then see the "pin it" button at the bottom. Ha! :P

Glad to hear therapy is going well. We should have a playdate when our homeschool commitments taper off next week.

The Hills said...

LOL Well, I have to admit I like the traffic *I* get from pinterest ;-) The problem isn't pinterest or even the users (who often don't understand how bloggers make money), but the less than ethical bloggers who are obviously playing the system and know what they're doing.

The Hills said...

Oh, and the pin it button shows up on every post, I haven't figured out a reasonable way to only put it on certain posts ;-)


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