Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Whole New World

The chickens and turkeys got to spend an entire day outside this weekend. And what do chickens do when you give them about 5 times the space they're used to?
Group together, of course!

We were doing a lot of work out in the yard, so we put them in the old, dilapidated coop we used with our meat birds a few years ago. We just wanted to give them some access to grass and bugs for a while. There was MUCH happy chirping going on in the yard.

Later in the afternoon, they had a little too much excitement. A hawk came by to grab a chickie snack. It appears one turkey got pricked with a talon, maybe? There was a spot of blood on its back, but we couldn't find a wire it would've gotten caught on. Perhaps the hawk swooped in and made a grab before it realized chicken wire was in the way. About half the chickens managed to escape the coop too. Luckily, they were terrified by this development and were just circling looking for a way back in. They were pretty easy to catch and put back with their flock.

When there wasn't so much excitement going on, Josh was working on their new coop that they will be moving to soon
He just has the frame done so far. We managed to get all the wood for free. The 2x4s at the base are from the old (egg layer) coop. The rest of the wood was scavenged from throw away piles around town. He tells me the tall boards will be cut down a bit and there will be a slanted roof put on there with nesting boxes at the back. We found a sale on wheels, so we bought those for $4 each (it will move around the yard like our old one did). We will be able to pull together almost all the other supplies we need from around the house. I'll update when he builds more of it.

Overall, the chickens are doing well. They are getting more of their feathers and with the warm weather we've been having, they are getting by without their heat lamp during the day. They have quite the talent at filling their waterer and feeder with shavings, so I'm looking forward to moving them outside where that won't be quite as much of an issue.

Can't wait to have fresh eggs always available again!

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