Monday, March 19, 2012

The Start of the Organizing

A while back, I posted about my goal of organizing the house. Since then, I have slacked off and done...well, pretty much nothing. This is the reason my house needs an organization overhaul.

The school supplies storage is the area that is bothering me the most, so I decided to start there. I will have complete before and after pictures when we're done with everything, but I wanted to share this quick project first. I've decided to put up some pegboard to help hold supplies, so that the girls can easily reach what they need and can return supplies without having to get into boxes or drawers.

I started out with a basic supplies holder that I modified from an idea on the Fiskars website. As usual, I was looking for a way to re-use things around the house rather than buying a bunch of new things. I dug out some old home decorator fabric scraps I had from making curtains years ago. I also pulled out old, torn up jeans I had stashed in my fabric bins.

I cut all of the pockets off the jeans, keeping the back attached so it was still a pocket. I also cut 2 rectangles from my decorator fabric that were about 3 inches taller and wider than I wanted the final product. I laid out my pockets on the fabric until I got a design I liked: I used a white fabric pencil (anything that shows up on your fabric would work okay) to outline the pockets. I made sure the line was just under the edge of the pocket so it would be covered up and not show. I numbered the spaces so I would remember which pockets to attach first and last to get the right overlap I used some spray adhesive Josh had in his tool box to attach the pockets and let that dry.

Then I put my rectangles right sides together, sewed with a wide (about 1.5") seam allowance, flipped right side out and sewed again around the edge to make a crisper edge. Next I got out my cheapie grommet kit I picked up for $4 and installed 4 grommets along the top, making sure they would line up with pegs on the board. Word to the wise, put the grommet on the front side and the washer on the backside.
Finished product! A convenient and cute way to store pencils, pens, scissors and markers.

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Rachel said...

Cute! And so creative.


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