Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Planting Part 1

We are having unseasonably warm weather around here. It's definitely time to get all of the spring plants going in the garden. We had a weekend FULL of steady rain that put a lot of the work we had planned on hold. By last weekend, the plants we had bought were getting fed up with their small containers and aching to spread their roots!

First, I did some sprucing up of the carrot bed. As you can see, the weeds liked all that rain:
I spent two evenings during the week pulling all of the weeds and thinning the carrots (and taking horribly blurry pictures, but "ya get what ya get and you don't throw a fit")
While I was over there, I took a couple of pictures for those who may not know. When broccoli flowers (each of those green puffs on a floret you eat opens up into a flower), this is what it looks like When the flowers fall off, you're left with these little stalks And those bumps inside the stalks are broccoli seeds. I planted hybrid broccoli though, which means these seeds are not meant for saving. Instead, I finally pulled all of those plants out of the garden bed
And Sierra helped me fill the bed with orange, yellow, red, purple and gypsy bell peppers It's so nice working in the garden these days. These beds that are closest to the house have been there for three or four years now, so we've built up really nice soil. You can see how rich it looks over in one of the tomato beds That's one of the ollas going in. I wrote all about ollas back in 2009 including what they are, how we made our own on the cheap and how well they worked. These are the same ollas I made back then, no maintenance needed. The short story is they are buried in the garden bed like this
and filled with water as needed. The plants wrap their roots around the olla and utilize the water that leeches through the clay. This cuts down on water use and on weeds all at the same time.

Here is one completed tomato bed. The bigger plants along the edge are garlic that our renters planted while they were here. I put in 10 roma tomato plants and 6 ollas. There is room to put in a few more things on the end. When I was done, I sprinkled some sweet and thai basil seed down the middle. The tomato cages were in a neighbor's trash pile about a month ago, great find!
We're also working on getting beans, squash, cucumbers and okra planted, all of that coming soon in another update!

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