Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sight Word Practice Sheets

A while back, I put together a few ideas I found across the internet and some tips from a friend of mine with some experience in early education and came up with sight word practice sheets for Sedona

I explained the steps to her the first time I gave her one, but since then she has been able to do them without any help from me. She asks for them all the time and they are great for keeping her occupied while I'm working with Sierra.

These sheets all utilize pictures rather than written directions and provide practice for several different skills that are important for pre-k and kindergarten kids. They're not just reading, they're also coloring, writing, and learning to cut on the lines and glue things in a specific space. The only input needed from the parent is to ask the child to read the word. I do this at the beginning, when I give Sedona the sheet, and again when she's done with it.

I started out by creating a set of 52 worksheets. There are 26 words. For each word, there is one sheet where the letters to cut out are already in the right order and one sheet where the letters to cut out are mixed up. All of these worksheets are available as a package on google docs and ready for you to snag for free. All I ask is that if you share this resource, you do so by pointing people to this blog post rather than directly to google docs. You can download the entire set of sheets and print out the ones you want as needed. Sedona has enjoyed them so much that we do them more than once, particularly for the words she has a harder time remembering. For this set, I mostly stuck to words that cannot be deciphered phonetically because that is what "sight word" means to me (though "sight word" lists are often Dolch words, which may or may not be phonetic). I will be making more worksheets in the future and providing those to you as well, so if you have specific words you'd like to see in the next set, just let me know!

FREE Sight Word Practice Sheets, Set 1
May 2012 Update: I've created another free set with 16 more words. More information on this post.


learning table said...

This is a neat worksheet! I like the cutting and pasting part of it. Tactile learners will love it, and cutting is a challenging skill for little hands to learn. Thanks for sharing your resource.

The Hills said...

Thanks for stopping by! I really enjoyed discovering your blog the other day, I'll definitely keep checking in!

Megan said...

Reed did some of these this morning and loved them! Thanks!

The Hills said...

Amy, I didn't publish your comment since it had your email in it, but the sheets I've published are the only ones I have. There are three sets all together, so make sure you've checked all three if you're looking for certain words. The last set was posted here:


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