Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rounding Out The Flock

We got the rest of our pullets (female chicks) last night! Two more barred rock, two more ameracauna and two red sex-link:
And that big guy (or gal) in the front? That is a turkey.

Grandma heard about our plan to raise a turkey or two and said Sierra wouldn't eat any turkey at Thanksgiving if we raised the bird ourselves. We've never hidden where our food really comes from though and we've raised meat birds before, so it never occurred to me to even consider the girls might have a problem with it. Just to be sure, I asked Sierra one day, "If we get a turkey and raise it, Grandma thinks you won't eat the turkey..." she looked at me like I had four heads and said, "Grandma's crazy! I LOVE turkey!" She also asked if she could make crafts with the feathers. I think we're probably in the clear.

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Marti Kubena said...

Ha! I can appreciate that! I hate that I do this, but I'm careful to avoid stating that beef comes from cows and chicken comes from chickens...for this EXACT reason. I just don't feel like dealing with Braden crying over his hamburger! He knows about it, but still, I don't specifically point it out.


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