Monday, March 5, 2012

Clearing Clutter

My 101 in 1001 goal #48, "have a garage sale", meshed really well with my goal of organizing the house and making it more functional. We have been collecting things for the garage sale by just throwing them in our spare bedroom. And then the garage sale kept getting put off, and put off, and put off. Until eventually our spare bedroom looked like this:

So last week we put an ad in the garage sale section of our local paper and hauled all of our stuff outside. We ended up profiting just about $200 (after paying ourselves back for the newspaper ad and the change we'd gotten to have on hand), which we think was pretty good since we didn't have any big ticket items to sell.

Before we could do anything else with it, we went out that afternoon and bought this with it:
Clearing things we weren't using out of the house and replacing them with edibles outside the house? Definitely a win-win.

What we ended up with:
34 tomato plants
28 pepper plants (chili; banana; orange, yellow and purple bells)
1 blueberry plant
1 peach tree
1 orange tree
1 thornless lime tree
1 avocado tree (a bit of a stretch, but we're gonna try, just gotta keep it warm in winter)

We also got new pruning shears to take care of all the trees.

The thornless lime was a little bit of a surprise. I had no idea lemon and lime trees have thorns. Not just thorns; giant, vicious thorns like a mesquite tree. I was excited to get lemons and limes growing, but I saw those thorns and looked at my 3 kids and decided no way. It'll have to wait a while. We did finally find the thornless lime. I'm not sure if a thornless lemon exists? If it does, that's what I need.

We will probably get everything in the ground next weekend unless a few extra hours magically materialize during the week.


Leslea said...

My mom has always had good luck with avocado from seed, she always kept it in a large pot for the first few years to bring inside for winter/freezes though.

Rachel said...

I love this! We had a garage sale with our neighbors last weekend, too. I only cleaned out two boxes full and my closet of clothes I hadn't worn in a couple years, and we made $$75. Not too bad! I am interested to see how your avocado tree goes.


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