Monday, March 26, 2012

Chicken Update

The chickens and turkeys were starting to get big. Still in that awkward teenage chicken phase, but too big to be cooped up in their containers inside.

The last week was a rough one around here, but Josh managed to finish their new coop to the point where they could finally move outside. It will need a little more work to add on nesting boxes and finish out some doors, but it's safe and secure as is.

Here's the almost finished product from a distance: Inside the enclosed part, there are shavings for them and two perches. Later on, there will be nesting boxes to the side: The bottom area gives them access to all the grass and bugs they want to eat. He's used as much lighter wood as possible (not all 2x4s this time) and we have wheels we'll be putting on so the whole contraption can move to new areas of the yard as needed
A ramp gives them access to enclosed portion when they want it, though they didn't quite get that concept today. They would go up the ramp, but stop before they got to the top and come back down. After the sun set, they just all huddled under the ramp rather that actually going up to roost, so Josh had to go out and put them up. Hopefully they catch on soon.

I didn't think to actually take a picture of the chickens themselves, but here's a picture while they were moving in and the coop was being finished up so you can kind of see how big they're getting. The big white bird is one of the turkeys, the chickens are much smaller They seemed very excited to move into their new digs. There was much happy chirping going on!

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