Monday, March 26, 2012

The Big Things In Life

Me and sandwiches? We have a past. All through elementary school, my mom cut my sandwiches straight down the middle. She also wrote notes on my napkins reminding me she loved me, but those straight cut sandwiches stuck with me.

Much as I was sure the letter R was superior to the letter S (but the letter T beat them all), I was sure the proper way to cut a sandwich in half was along the diagonal. Furthermore, I convinced myself that all those kids who came to school with sandwiches cut the proper way were the rich kids. So that solidified a new paradigm in my mind: the "rich way" to cut a sandwich was a diagonal cut. I oozed rationality just as much as the next elementary-aged female, so of course I never once mentioned this to my mom. I ate my straight cut sandwiches and stewed over her obvious lack of concern for my lunchroom reputation.

Almost 25 years later, my husband can ask me, "do you want your sandwich cut the rich way?" and I know he's legitimately asking if I want my sandwich cut in half--along the diagonal.

Naturally, when I started making sandwiches for my kids, I was going to shield them from "poor sandwiches". I have always cut all of their sandwiches on the diagonal.

Until last week, when Sierra came up to me and timidly said, "can you just cut my sandwich straight down the middle?" Next thing I know, the girl's gonna decide the letter T belongs at the bottom of the heap.


Elizabeth said...

I am totally an on the diagonal girl. Straight cut sandwiches just aren't as cool.

Jessica said...

Just clicked over to this post after your excellent post on Xyng supplements and caffeine, but now I'm going to add "the rich way" to my sandwich-cutting vocabulary. Thanks for the laugh!

The Hills said...

Thanks for stopping by!


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