Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Sight Word Pretzel

I had a new idea for practicing sight words recently and finally got the time this weekend to try it out!

You could do this just on the floor, but I utilized a certain game that includes a spinner and a mat with colored dots on it. I put a piece of painter's tape on each dot on the spinner (so I could easily remove it later) and labelled each piece with a sight word we've been working on:
I decided to use eight words and I just made sure I had all eight on the hands spots (we didn't specify left and right, just said "hand" or "foot"), and then all eight again on the foot spots.

On the mat, I put a piece of clear packing tape on each dot and then wrote the sight words on the tape with permanent marker. There are 24 dots, so I wrote each word 3 times.

Next, we reviewed the words and how to play the game. She's only 4, so we went with modified right and left and it didn't matter if she sat down.

She had a little bit of trouble at first, and she gave a fly a serious talking to, "quiet fly! you're interrupting my thinking!"
But it didn't take long for her to figure it out:

Secora tried to get in on the act too. "Head on was!"

I think it will be a fun game for her to play this week. It's one Sierra can play with her when I'm busy, so that's helpful. You could use fewer or more words depending on how far along your child is. You could also play the game with blends instead of sight words, or use a smaller play area so there isn't so much information for the child to process. Change it up to make it work for you!

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