Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Return to the Flock

We have once again entered the world of chicken ownership. We are excited and nervous. Excited to have fresh, healthier eggs again. Nervous because there are still some coyotes hanging around and there have always been hawks. We successfully protected the last flock from predators though and with a little skill and a little luck, we'll do the same this time around.

Without further ado, meet the newest chicks in town: I should've upped my shutter speed, they certainly weren't willing to sit still for a clear, in focus portrait.

They did wonder why I was interrupting meal time And they seemed unable to decide whether they should attack or flee when I put the camera down in their box for a close up
We have six so far, with plans to buy another six next week. These are Rhode Island Reds (tan), Barred Rock (black) and Ameraucana (striped). Josh wanted Ameraucana hens last time and we never got any. They lay blue eggs, which will be fun to see. I just follow directions when it comes to the chickens, Josh is the one who has done all the research and calls the shots. So I'm not quite sure what other chickens we are getting, but I think red and black sex-link birds because that's what we had last time.

We posted a basic chicken primer several years ago (please excuse the typos there) if you want to read up a little more on how this goes. I will blog as we go along though!

For now, they are in the house in a large rubbermaid container with a towel on the bottom (so they don't slip, but don't eat shavings/dirt). We have a small waterer and feed trough. We dipped their beaks in the water when we put them in so they'd know where it is and we put out starter food for them. A light is hanging in the bin and always on to keep it around 90-95 degrees for them. We get to just watch them and enjoy the "ball of fluff" stage for a week or so before anything needs to change with their set up.


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