Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pre-K Unit: Spring

We consider Sedona to be in pre-K right now. Practically speaking, that means she gets to more or less decide if she wants to do formal schoolwork or not. If she asks to work, I get some things out for her. If I want her to do something, I ask her and if she says, "no" we don't do it. If we get started on something and she decides she's ready to be done, we get to a stopping point and we stop.

All that said, Sedona has gotten much more interested in doing seat work lately. She asks for more of it and works longer at it. She often bounces in her seat and has conversations with herself while she's doing it, but she wants to do it. So, I've put together a unit study for her to do over the next few weeks and thought I would share the plan with y'all.

Pre-K Unit Study: Spring

  • Sit still through a entire project (half a project? 5 minutes? This child is always moving)
  • Learn the 4 seasons and basic characteristics of each
  • Learn the colors of rainbows and when rainbows form
  • Learn the function of roots, stems and leaves
  • Learn the basic plant life cycle including flowering/pollination by bees, fruit being eaten by birds, seeds being dropped on the ground, germination and plant growth
  • Get outside and have some fun
  • Hand print seasons: Use her hand print as the branches of a tree and paint or otherwise decorate a tree appropriate for each season. Discuss the seasons and learn them in order.
  • Grass people: Fill stockings with a little grass seed and soil, add googly eyes and decorate an empty yogurt container to set it on. As the grass grows, it will look like hair on the people.
  • Rainbow drink: make ice cubes out of different flavors of kool-aid to represent colors of the rainbow. Have Sedona put the cubes in a tall glass (in order) and pour sprite over them.
  • Rainbow mobiles: cut a paper plate in half. Glue cotton balls on it so it looks like a cloud. Cut strips of construction paper for each color of the rainbow and have her glue them to the bottom of the plate in order.
  • Nature color hunt: paint each space in a paper egg carton a different color. Have Sedona find something outside to put in each space that matches the color.
  • Leaf rubbings: use crayons and paper to make rubbings of different types of leaves.
  • Seed mosaics: use dried beans and other seeds to create a picture.
  • Plant parts: learn about roots, stems and leaves and what each part does. Do a worksheet labeling each part of a plant.
  • Visible roots: grow beans in a visible container so she can see the roots as the plant grows.
  • Roll pine cones in peanut butter and bird seed to make bird feeders.
  • A rainbow cake. Maybe, if we have the time to enjoy doing it rather than it being a chore.
  • Trip to the library: we'll be reading some books about plants, bees, birds and butterflies

She will keep working on her math (her favorite subject and always her first choice), and I will also keep making handwriting worksheets for her that keep to the spring theme. She's still doing her BOB books for reading, but we'll include some reading practice with these activities whenever we can. Do you have any great pre-K or K resources on spring or the seasons in general?

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