Friday, February 3, 2012

The Non-Teachable Moment

As homeschoolers, we learn to recognize teachable moments. Something as simple as a question like "why does the sun go down?" can easily turn into an indepth discussion about the solar system, rotation and revolution, photosynthesis and how our eyes see.

But sometimes? Sometimes you just have to marvel at these amazing little minds. Sometimes you need to stop feeding them more information and just be amazed at what's already there.

Sometimes, your 7 year old creates a paper like this just because she felt like it, without using any books, maps or globes. And it's not time to turn it into a spelling, geography or physics lesson. It's just time to say "wow. That's really amazing that you wrote all that all by yourself!"
The homeschooler inside is definitely making note to check out a book on gravity during the next library trip, and keep up with those spelling words. Not every moment is a teachable moment though, sometimes kids just need to know that what they've already absorbed is truly amazing.

1 comment:

Karen said...

this is a great post. It's put so simply and yet we forget to do just that sometimes.


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