Sunday, February 19, 2012

Looking Forward to Monday

I'm looking forward to Monday for the first time in a while. 'Cause honestly? This weekend kinda sucked.

It all started several weeks ago when I found out about something called The Color Run. It's a 5K series where they throw colored corn starch on you at every kilometer along the route. There were a races coming up nearby and I posted about it on my facebook wall. A few friends decided it sounded fun and agreed to sign up with me. So Josh and I signed up, I got these other people roped in, travel plans were made, hotel rooms were reserved.

Friday, I drove the big girls to meet up with my parents and they went off for a weekend at grandma's.

Friday night, we noticed a little bit of blood on the dog's fur. I should preface this by pointing out that Angel is a lab mix and she's 13.5 years old. She's gone deaf, so she often curls up in a corner somewhere and doesn't hear you calling her. Most days I creep around looking in her favorite spots just knowing I'm going to look in a room and find a dead dog. I've nudged Josh awake in the middle of the night to ask if he can hear her breathing. But blood is usually a particularly bad sign. And when we looked around, we discovered she had a mass that the blood was coming from. I worked as a vet tech for several years when I was younger and I wasn't positive, but I was fairly certain this all added up to "not good".

Saturday morning, we took her in as soon as the vet opened. 2 hours and a fine needle aspiration later, we know it's a tumor and chances are it's malignant. Given her age, there's nothing to do about it. She is not in pain or refusing food or anything like that, so we have a little more time with her.

We were planning to be gone just overnight for this race and had already arranged to have friends come over and take care of her, so we went ahead and packed up (in quite a rush) and got on the road. We made it to our destination, picked up our race packets and met up with our friends at the hotel. We enjoyed dinner out before everyone headed back for an early night.

This morning we were up and ready to go when I got sick. I'm not sure if this was a result of my lack of gallbladder or stress catching up to me, but I kept trying to convince myself I'd be fine and I was not fine. We sent our friends on ahead thinking we'd catch up to them. Josh and I hit the road a little later, got about halfway to the race site, and had to turn around again. I tried to convince him to just drop me off and go on to the race, but he (being the good man that he is, even though I really would've been fine with him going) wouldn't leave me. A few hours and long hot shower later, we loaded up the van, I stretched out on the back seat to go to sleep, and we headed home. End result: 2 t-shirts that cost about $100 a piece. Yay.

Really would've rather stayed home and picked weeds in the garden if I'd known the weekend was gonna turn out this way. Oh well, tomorrow starts a new week. I plan to lay around, love on Angel and drown my sorrows in girl scout cookies.

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