Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Keep On Keepin' On

I haven't been posting much. That's because it has been a virus-y couple of weeks around here.

Last Monday Secora woke up with what I thought was an ant bite on her foot. By that evening, more had sprung up and being a mom with a few years of experience under my belt, I was 99% sure it was hand, foot and mouth disease. We called the doctor, who confirmed HFM is going around town really badly right now. Over the next few days, more and more and more spots showed up, which turned to blisters. My poor baby was super fussy and took an awful lot of advil for a few days. This is what one of her feet looked like early on before it really broke out After this picture was taken, she developed a lot more. All over the bottoms of her feet, between her toes, pushing up under her nails. It looked terrible.

We've been through hand, foot and mouth before. It's a fairly common childhood illness and older children and adults usually don't get it (because they're already immune). So we stayed home all week, but thought we were in the clear. Until Thursday night when Josh got a fever. He took some advil, but two hours later he was up to 103 anyway. He looked pretty terrible and actually called in sick to work, which rarely happens. He spent all day Friday on the couch and then started breaking out in his own spots, thought not nearly as many as Secora had.

Friday night Sierra came to me crying and asked, "am I just cranky or am I getting sick?" Hmmmm........sure enough, she had a high fever of her own going. I made a run to the store for more advil and tylenol. About three hours later, Sedona was down for the count too. She was the happiest, still wanting to play despite 104 fevers and only getting fussy close to bedtime. She got the worst of the mouth sores: (that's basically a solid coating of blisters in her throat. Fun, huh?)

She also got them all around the outside of her mouth. Those have mostly healed up, but they're popping up on her hands and feet pretty bad.

Secora's all healed up (her spots have scabbed over), Sierra's totally fine, Josh has a few spots on his feet, and Sedona is happy-go-lucky no matter what's going on so it's hard to judge exactly how she's doing. Mostly she just wants to know why she can't go to the library or the park, so I guess she's not feeling all that bad.

Just another week with three small children!


Big Fat Gini said...

I have really felt awful for you guys this last week. Hoping everyone is healed up soon and y'all can get poor Sedona back to the park!

Marti Kubena said...

Holy crap! We've never had HFM go through our family. I'm kinda surprised. Hope things get a lot better this week!


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