Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Drama Queen

While we don't believe it's beneficial to socialize a kid solely through putting them with a group of kids exactly their age all day long, we DO believe they need chances to be around other people. To hang out and build friendships with other kids, to take instruction from other adults, and yes, to occasionally be put in their place if they forget the golden rule. We homeschool to educate them at home, not to keep them out of the world.

With this in mind, we keep an eye out for activities they can do that do not, for the most part, involve us. Sierra took a theater class while we were living in Montana and she loved it. So when we got back, one of the first things we looked for was a theater class. We got her signed up with Brazos Valley Troupe and she has loved it. It took me a little longer to come around. Things seemed very disorganized at first and I was getting very annoyed with the whole thing, but I've gotten to know the theater schedule a bit better and Sierra also took the initiative of being sure she found out from the director when she needed to be somewhere (she heard me mumble I might not sign her up again and decided she needed to do what she could!).

Last fall, Sierra auditioned for her first play and got a small (one line) part. Right after Christmas break, they were holding auditions for another play. We thought Sierra was too young to be in this one, but when we signed her up for class, the director said to bring her up for auditions....that night. She had one hour at home with the script and away she went. She did well and was offered 2 small parts.

Then the fun really started. I can't even tell you how many compliments we got from the adults that run the production. We were always hearing how far she had come already and how well she was doing. That she was willing to do the work that needed to be done, not just have fun on stage. That she should definitely audition for more plays. Opening night a friend came over to watch the little girls so Josh and I could go see Sierra in her first big part. She rocked it. And the play was hilarious. She was in The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet.

My parents came to the last show and took some pictures. No flash photography allowed, so they're a little blurry, but you get the idea.

Here she is as a servant And here she is as the prince (saying, "Easy there girly girl, I call the shots, I am the prince here, believe it or not.....")

Sierra practiced her lines so much, Sedona's walking around saying them now. She also likes to go stand on the stage when we take her up there. She's looking forward to joining the class in the fall. It should be interesting to see both of these dramatic girls on stage!

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Annalisa said...

Theater/Acting is great!

Our Son is a little Drama "King" lol.

I also just realized after reading "Brazos Troupe" I thought to myself,

"They must be in Texas!" Sure enough it is....we live in Houston.

As I said on the comment I just left you a second ago "love your blog!"

I have bookmarked it.


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