Thursday, February 2, 2012

Coming Up For Air

It has been a heck of week around here!

I lost a friend over my patience/perspective post late last week.

Things picked up over the weekend, though. Another friend and I are training for a half-marathon together and we totally rocked our long run on Saturday. I've done a half before, so I kind of feel like I'm just retracing my steps. My friend is brand new to running though and has also made some major diet changes lately. She is very clearly healthier and in better shape and I'm very proud of her for getting out there and doing it. Change is hard, but she's doing great and keeping me accountable for my own goals too.

We got 7 rows of potatoes planted.

The electric pole behind our house broke during a storm a little over a week ago (it snapped completely in two at the ground and was only upright because the lines attached to our house were holding it up). The electric company did a temporary fix just to get our power back on then, but they came back this week to replace the entire pole. The foreman of the crew told me the power would be off about 5 hours, so we might want to find something else to do. Are you kidding me? It was prime entertainment for the kids. We went out for lunch, but besides that, they were glued to the window and asking me 10 million questions about what was being done and how electricity works.

We've shuttled Sierra to the theater every single night. She is in a play that puts a fun twist on Romeo and Juliet and it opened tonight. The play was hilarious and she did an absolutely awesome job. There's one time in particular where she is front and center and ALL of the focus is on her and she delivered her line like a pro. We got several comments about how well she is doing and I'm so so so proud of how she did. She practiced hard, she conquered her nerves, and she got up there and acted her little 7 year old heart out! She's got 3 more shows to get through and then she'll probably need to sleep for a few days to make up for all these late dress rehearsal and performance nights!

Tomorrow, we finally close on a refinance of our house we've been trying to take care of since the first of the year. We're dropping to a 15 year note and our payment will still go down. I've been crunching numbers and barring any major income changes, I think we can actually pay it off in about 8 years. I can't wait to have payments that actually make a really big dent in the principle each month. I'm looking forward to making some extra payments and watching that balance drop like a rock! Owning our house outright has been a goal of mine for a long time and it's finally looking feasible.

And then we start a whole new week with another long run and more gardening time!

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