Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some of our Favorites

Thought I'd share a few of our favorite Christmas presents

The girls were gifted this wonderful tipi by their aunt and uncle. They love it and spend a lot of time in there. I think it will probably move outside when the weather's warmer so we can make it as big as it can be, but I'm thinking I need to spray some sort of protectant on it before I do that?
When they're not in their tipi, they're in the house I made them. I was able to utilize scrap fabric I had hanging around for the sides and then I bought cheap tablecloth material for the top so it can just stay on there for the most part. One thing I didn't plan for was how much Secora would like it and that she's the perfect height to hit her head on the table as she walks in. I found an old pool noodle and made a cut along to the side so it would fit onto the piece of wood that's right by the door

I also made each of the big girls a set of these headbands. I originally saw the idea on pinterest and just played around with ribbon until I figured it out. They wear them all the time, which is nice because normally they won't wear their hair up, so it tends to look pretty unruly.

I got some pretty good gifts too. Namely, a new mixer that's 2 steps up from my old mixer

In the past, I had tried to double my cinnamon roll recipe and my mixer was totally NOT up to the task. I even wrote a note on the recipe "do not double". Check it out, my new mixer with a double recipe:

I also got a 50mm macro lens for the camera that I'm still learning how to use, but I can't wait to stalk some bugs in the spring!

And I haven't taken a picture yet, but I also got can storage racks that I'd seen on a food storage site and have been coveting. They're even better than I expected! I'll write more about them when I successfully complete my "build up 4 months of food storage" goal.

Josh wasn't left out, he got a coffee maker for his office at work (this is the first time he's had his own office he doesn't have to share with anyone!) and a rifle (and various related supplies) he's planning to use to supply us with some our meat.

We were definitely spoiled with gifts this year! It was also a great holiday: Josh's job snafu had been worked out and he's liking the new co-workers, we were able to have family over before Christmas and we were invited to a friend's house for Christmas dinner. We sure enjoyed ourselves!

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