Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reading, With Flair

This was supposed to be a short and sweet post with a couple of early reading activities. But when I put the pictures on my computer, I just couldn't decide on one or two to use. They all capture Sedona's personality so well.

She recently finished the first set of BOB books* (we had a celebration...daddy brought home two balloons and we made chocolate chip cookies) and she's doing really well. So now it's time for her to start working on sight words. These are the words that can't really be deciphered with regular phonics and just need to be recognized on sight. She comes across them in the books she's reading, and I also recently picked up the kindle edition of Reading Power*, which is a book of sight words that's free on Amazon right now.

I started out with just 4 words she has been seeing recently. I wrote them in chalk on the driveway, then I would call out a word and she had to go stand on the word
I never knew there were so many ways to get from point A to point B
But she certainly had a great time
and hopefully the movement helped the words stick for my little kinesthetic learner.

After doing this for a while, I took a turn. I would stand on a word and she called out what word it was. She thought that was pretty funny too. Especially since I was holding Secora, who would giggle every time I jumped to a new word.

The key to this would be to not make it too permanent. You need to be able to add and take away words and switch up the location of the words so they recognize what the word looks like and not just where it is.

While we were enjoying the weather, I decided to also work on some listening and early spelling skills. I wrote the vowels on the driveway, then called out a simple CVC word such as "cat" or "cup" or "hot" and she had to stand on the vowel sound she heard.
She liked that one too and Sierra enjoyed coming up with words for her
There are times reading requires sitting down and just reading, but if you've got a wiggleworm on your hands, don't be afraid to get up and move!

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