Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goals

With the 2011 goals behind me, it's time to set a few 2012 goals. I have several things in mind for this year

1)Focus on the garden: This year I want to take advantage of being back in Texas and get really serious about the garden. I'd like to set up a more viable rain water storage system so we can deal with the drought that I'm sure will continue through summer. I'd also like to grow enough vegetables to sell some this year. When I was looking through our gardening supplies, I found the information I'd written down in previous years interesting and helpful, so I'd like to do better at recording what we do and what the results are. I need a measurable goal though, so Josh and I decided a reasonable goal is to harvest at least 150 pounds of food from the garden this year. Anything we harvest from tomorrow through December 31 will count. I'm really not sure how we'll stack up with this one, it'll be interesting to see how it goes! I'm planning to add a little ticker on my sidebar to keep up with our totals.

2)Finish my quilt: I finished my king size scrap quilt over a YEAR ago. I absolutely adore this quilt and it's ridiculous that it's not on my bed yet. Despite hand quilting it, which takes quite a bit of time, I have made decent progress. The problem is that I haven't touched it since the girls and I moved back five months ago. I want that quilt to be finished...quilted and the binding the end of the year. Preferably it will be done before August so I don't have to sit over it thinking to myself "I've been working on quilting this thing for TWO years".

3)Be more consistent in my parenting: Okay, okay, this is one that I can't really follow my rule of having a measurable outcome for because you are never really done learning how to be a good parent. But I want to consciously make the effort to slow down and make more parenting decisions rather than just having immediate, emotional (and often ineffective) reactions. We haven't set up our accountable kids boards since we moved back, so that will be the first step and I want that done and to have the kids back into the routine by the end of January. I also want to re-read How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk* before the end of March. I've read the book before, liked it and had success with the kids with it, but inevitably it gets easier to fall back on old ways and I slowly forget what I learned.

Those are my specific goals for this year. I still have my 101 in 1001 list I'm working on too and I better get on the ball and make some progress on that this year as well!

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One Acre Homestead said...

I love that book! We went to a book study over it when we were pregnant with Isabella. I could use a review, too! You are so right that it is easy to slide into ineffective knee-jerk parenting.


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