Thursday, December 29, 2011

You'll Shoot Yer Eye Out!

I was born and raised in Texas. By staunch conservatives. I was shooting guns at Dr. Pepper cans and ranch pests before I ever made it out of elementary school. I grew up to marry a competitive shooter.

So when I was working on my 101 in 1001 list, I decided it was high time Sierra be introduced to gun safety and made it goal #60 to teach her how to shoot a BB gun.

My parents got her a BB gun for Christmas. A pink one, because it wasn't actually on her wish list and they hoped if she was horrified by it, the pink would somehow persuade her to at least give it a chance. Sierra is a rule follower and overly cautious and anxious about everything in life. She also loves the movie A Christmas Story, so we all wondered if she would unwrap the box and then refuse to touch it. To our surprise, she was very excited about the BB gun and all the accessories she got, and it was happy-go-lucky, not a care in the world Sedona who said, "Sister! You'll shoot your eye out!" Sierra very quickly pointed out, "Nun-uh! I also got EYE PROTECTION! And Daddy's gonna teach me all the rules!"

After some serious discussion about those rules, Josh took her out to give it a try

It didn't take her long at all to figure out how to aim

And she was so excited when she started making some good shots!
Not quite an official red ryder carbine action two hundred shot range model air rifle, but apparently a pink daisy works just fine.

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Big Fat Gini said...

Love it! I kinda want one!


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