Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wrap Up: 2011 Goals

Back at the beginning of the year, I set a few goals for myself. Not vague resolutions, specific goals with measurable outcomes so I could concretely see how I was doing. And then I posted about them here so I felt accountable. Here we are on the last day of the year, so it's time to take stock on how I did:

Save at least 10% of our income (also 101 in 1001 goal #47): I want to put aside at least 10% of this year's gross salary in emergency fund cash. This one gave me a total headache because of Josh's job change! He had a couple weeks off work, and also switched from a set monthly salary to a slightly variable bi-weekly salary. I felt like I was doing some advanced algebra by the end of it. I did take the time to update it though, and we did put aside 10% of this year's income. Earlier in the year, I thought we would save a little more than that, but paying to move and choosing to go to Disney made it more feasible to stop at 10%.

Complete 12 sewing projects throughout the year:
  1. I made the kindle cover (incorrectly) and had to ditch it
  2. I helped Sierra sew a bag for her book club
  3. I finished the full size quilt I was working on
  4. I FINALLY sewed a sea turtle patch on Sedona's quilt that was supposed to be done years ago (it was hand sewing, so it totally counts even though it was small)
  5. I made my niece's baptism dress, which should really count as two projects because I made a practice dress out of scrap fabric and then made the real dress
  6. I made a table top fort for the girls (pictures coming later)
  7. I made some wings for Sedona
So, not quite 12 unless you throw in tiny, 5 minute mending jobs. Pretty good though. I have some projects in mind for the coming year, but we'll have to see how it goes.

Exercise (also 101 in 1001 goal #8): My goal was to tone up and get over the pregnancy aches and pains without losing weight. Success was to be measured by not throwing my lower back out at any point after March 31, comfortably fitting into my favorite skirts by July 31, and running one mile without stopping at some point before the end of the year. The gallbladder troubles I had for the first half of the year really got in the way of this. I did end up satisfying all the requirements I set for myself though. I still need to really work on building muscle mass and improving my core strength.

Work my Brain (also 101 in 1001 goal #12): My goal was to accumulate all 75 continuing education hours (CERPs) I need to recertify my IBCLC. I have 68.25 CERPs right now. I decided to take a few advanced practice courses rather than go through all the paperwork to get credit for the classes I teach, but I am already signed up for them and will finish them today or tomorrow and be done with that.

All in all, a good year. I'm happy with what I accomplished. Now to think about what goals to have for next year!

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