Monday, December 19, 2011

A Productive Weekend

Man, last weekend flew by.

Saturday, I went running with a friend. We meet up for our long runs, which has been really great for me because it keeps me accountable all week long. Josh and I usually run together (the little girls ride in the jogging stroller, Sierra rides her bike), but with just the two of us, it gets easy to say, "eh, we're too busy today to fit in a run". I have someone else counting on me showing up on the weekend though, so if I skip the weekday runs, the long run on Saturday or Sunday is gonna suck. When my friend and I get done, Josh goes out by himself, which gives him a chance to run faster than he can when he's keeping pace with turtle-ish me.

I also did some cake decorating. Max's big sister Holly has a birthday coming up this week, so I made the cakes for her little party. It was a wild animal theme and we decided on a paw cake and a monkey cake. They came out pretty good! Not sure if my Aunt Beth even reads the blog, but she gets total credit for getting me started on cake decorating! One day I'll teach the girls the ins and outs of frosting roses and shell borders and turn over my decorating tips!

The girls also got letters from Santa. They had written him letters and given them to his helpers at the local holiday parade. He always writes back and they get a kick out of it
I was impressed because Secora (obviously) did not write a letter, but one of her sisters (I can't even remember which one) included a line in her letter about "please bring some presents for my little sister, Secora". Well, Santa's helpers are really on top of things and really read these letters because Santa even wrote to Secora! She was very excited to be handed her very own envelope, but a bit chagrined when she remembered she can't read

The rest of the weekend involved gingerbread dough, gingerbread dough and more gingerbread dough. I'm very thankful to be closer to friends again and decided to expand our usual gingerbread house tradition into a party for several of our friends. The big day is coming up, so I started working on the houses Sunday. I'm looking forward to having everyone over and hoping the kids enjoy it!


Big Fat Gini said...

The cakes look great! I'm sure they're yummy too!

I had to laugh at the look on Secora's face in that last photo. I hope everyone has a great time making gingerbread houses! Can't wait to see pictures!

Rebecca said...

Those cakes are AMAZING!!! Is there anything you can't do??

The Hills said...

Can't keep a clean house to save my life. I'm a *horrible* housekeeper!!! ;-)


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