Saturday, December 3, 2011


If you've been around very long, you've seen me blog about Max.

I've known Max's mommy, Veronica, for a long time. Ever since we were both pregnant with our first babies. She is one of those friends where we just "clicked" right from the beginning. She is very very dear to me. Her children are family to me. I've changed them, bathed them, picked them up from falls. I've painted with them, read to them and fussed at them. My children don't know a world without her children.

I happened to get out of bed tonight because I wanted a snack. I noticed my phone flashing on the counter. I had forgotten to turn the ringer back on after turning it off last night. When I picked it up, I saw 4 missed calls from Veronica. It was after 10, so I texted her to see if she was still up. The phone immediately rang again and my heart sank. No good call comes this late.

Surely one of the kids was sick or broke an arm. She needed me to pick up one so she could be with the other. I never could have fathomed she would tell me Max had passed away.

Max was only 3 years old. I tousled his mop of gorgeous curls just Wednesday. He was fine. Absolutely fine.

Max had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, but he was young and it wasn't affecting his health yet. I knew we were going to have to face losing Max, but knowing that lulled me into believing the next 20 years were guaranteed.

And now he's gone. And I can't breathe. I can't begin to fathom the depths of grief my dear friend who I love so much must be going through right now. My heart breaks because this sweet boy has left us. My heart breaks for my children who will face the reality of death much too young. My heart breaks for Max's entire family.

EDITED TO ADD: A lot of people have visited here today. A lot of people are shocked and hurting and missing sweet sweet Max.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard "How can we help?" in the last 24 hours. I can't tell you how many times I've said it myself.

There is something you can do to help. That is by supporting Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy.

Please visit their page and make a donation in Max's honor. Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy specifically works to fund research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (the type Max had). It is the organization Veronica and her family chose to support and they have worked to raise funds for PPMD ever since Max was a baby.

We cannot take this family's hurt away. We can help other boys fighting DMD find a cure.


Karen said...

I'm so sorry for your loss and your friends loss. I can not imagine what you both must be going through. My prayers and heart go out to both families at this time.

Rhea said...

Oh no! I'm so so very sorry for the loss of this sweet baby. I can not imagine. Many prayers are with Veronica and her family. ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

im so so sorry for your loss mam!!!!!!!!!!


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