Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finding Normal Again

We are trying to get back into our routine here. Difficult with a homeschooling momma who can't sleep very well at night and feels at though the world is a bit off balance, but we're managing.

It's good to laugh though and there have been some laughs over here.

Last night, Sedona was talking to Secora in the car and she says, "Do you know you can be anything you want when you grow up Secora? Just like me! I'M going to be a cowboy! Hmmmmm.........actually......I'm gonna be a COW! Moooooooooooooooo!!!"

(we aim high...nothing but the best is acceptable here!)

Today Sierra is learning about cnidaria. Jellyfish are included in the cnidarian group, so we primarily talked about those (with a LOT of interjections from Sierra quoting Finding Nemo, complete with surfer dude accent). An adult jellyfish is called a medusa and I asked Sierra if she remembered the word "medusa" from anywhere else. I prompted her to think about last year when we learned about Greek mythology. After much thinking, she shouts out "Mike Wazowski's girlfriend with the snake hair! That's Medusa! so they're medusa because the tentacles look like a bunch of snakes!"

(we're not an anti-Disney family, in case it wasn't clear)

Part of the cnidaria lesson included making models to illustrate the jellyfish life cycle, so if you show up at our house today, there's a good chance you'll be attacked by a solo cup with pieces of yarn hanging out of it.

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