Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Update on the 101 in 1001

One of my friends suggest I update on how the 101 in 1001 list is going because she knows I've crossed somethings off recently.

We can start with #1: Run 5K without walking. I'm far from running a full 5K without walking, but Josh and I have very recently started running again (okay, it's only been this week). We're planning to do a half-marathon next March, maybe I'll work up to running a full 5K before then. I'm not sure I ran 3 miles straight in the last half marathon I did, but this will at least get me started towards the goal.

Then there's goal #8, to get back in shape after having the baby. All of those goals have been accomplished except for wanting to run 1 mile without stopping. See above notes about goal #1. I suspect I will be able to run a mile within a couple of weeks. I may puke when I'm done, but I can probably do it.

The big one my friend wanted me to mention was #82 though. Go to a salon and get my hair done. Which I did (while said friend wrangled Secora...those big capes they put on you are a perfect cover-up for nursing, by the way). I took a plunge and dyed my hair purple. Not all of it, just the underside. Josh and I and a few friends like it, everyone else seems to not like it at all. But oh well, I'm 30 years old and can do what I please.

Turns out it was a lot harder to take a picture of my own hair than I thought, so Sierra helped out: (I promise, there are more "real" posts in our near future. I have more school things to post about, just gotta find time to take pictures, upload them and get somewhere where there's internet to put the post up)

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