Thursday, November 3, 2011

Renaissance Festival School Days

Sierra is studying the Middle Ages for history this year, so when I found out our local Renaissance Festival hosts two "school days" each year, I made plans to take the kids.

One word. Disappointing.

The tickets during school days are less than half the price of regular tickets, and you can pack a lunch and bring it in with you. Those are about the only good things. I knew all the shops would still be open (they do reduce prices on some things, at least), but I was under the impression that there would be at least some educational stuff going on.

In reality, we didn't get to see anything that was at all educational. Every show or event we tried to catch we missed because they didn't follow the posted schedules at all. Now, they say on their website that times might change, but you'd think they'd at least post the updated time on the placards they have outside each stage. That's alright, they can reserve the right to change up the times with no notice whatsoever and I can not go back again.

We showed up at the jousting arena a few minutes before the scheduled start. Just in time to figure out it was already over and watch everyone leave.

If you enjoy the renaissance festival, it's a good time to get in for reduced prices (as long as you have kids with you), but don't expect it to be educational at all.

Sierra did enjoy pony rides And Sedona gleefully danced along when we happened upon some of the actors doing a renaissance style dance out in the "street" (and when everyone applauded for the dancers at the end, Sedona took a big bow and said, "thank you!") Just not an activity we'll do in the future.

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