Saturday, November 12, 2011

One Year Old

This sweet baby girl turned one year old today.

She has made some big strides in the last month. She has gotten A LOT better about eating. She’s still not eating regular meals, but there is one specific brand and flavor of yogurt she’ll eat, plus some pudding and freeze-dried yogurt. We have a long way to go, but it’s amazing how well she’s done since we saw the occupational therapist. She also started gaining weight again and made up for lost time. She’s gained about a pound in the last month and is somewhere between 18.5 and 19 pounds now.
She took her first independent steps. The last couple of weeks before Josh came home, I didn’t give her much opportunity to walk on her own, but as soon as he got here, we started encouraging her. Thursday she finally took two steps all by herself and she took more today. She is cruising one handed fairly regularly.

She’s still waking up quite a bit at night to nurse, but I’ll just deal with that until we have more progress on the food front.

She’s got all 8 of her front teeth now, though some have only just barely broken through the gums.

Still doesn’t have much hair and what’s there seems to change color daily. We still can’t tell if it’s blond or brown or reddish, but whatever color, it’s definitely got some curl to it now.
She had a great time playing in her birthday cake and even tasting some of it. One of my friends took pictures for me as her birthday gift, so I’ll have more pics later, but for now, I have these that my brother-in-law took at the birthday party.

I guess it’s time to start thinking of her as a toddler instead of a baby! She wants plenty of snuggle time with momma, but she’s definitely starting to act like she’s ready to be a big kid too!

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Karen said...

It's crazy to me how much they change in those few months around their first birthday. Corbin has started walking fairly regular and I know wherever his older siblings are he can't be too far behind them, I'm sure you experience similar things.


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