Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Adventures in Food

We spent several hours this morning working in the garden, so I took the time to take some pictures of things out there:

The broccoli plants look great and are starting to actually make broccoli
This little "volunteer" plant showed up unexpectedly. Looks like a sunflower, I think?

The peas have started to bloom and form little pods, but they're not big enough to harvest yet

The tomatoes are still happy. We've had some colder nights, but we could go a few more weeks without a hard freeze, so I'm still hopeful they'll make it

The green beans are producing like crazy. Here are the ones we harvested today ( and saved from Sedona--she ate plenty straight off the vine and then stood up and yelled, "I am the queen of vegetables!!")

While I was weeding, I found a tiny toad the girls enjoyed looking at

We did our best to handle him (her?) gently and then return him where we found him

Then it was time for our other adventure. The girls and I bought Josh a smoker for his birthday a couple days ago. He was thrilled to smoke bacon wrapped chicken for dinner

It was definitely a success. Looks like we'll be having smoked turkey for Thanksgiving!

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One Acre Homestead said...

That chicken looks yummy! I'm so glad you are able to garden again! I know it was hard for you to live up north and miss out on this part of your life. Beautiful pictures & I'm jealous that your growing season is so much longer than ours. Our first hard freeze was last night.


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