Friday, November 4, 2011

McKenna Children's Museum

We had the opportunity to visit the McKenna Children's Museum in New Braunfels, TX earlier this week.

Coolest children's museum I've ever been to!

The innovation room had two projectors on. This one showed butterflies. You were supposed to stand where you cast a shadow and the butterflies would land on you, but it didn't seem to be working right. The other projector showed beads falling and if you cast a shadow on the screen, the beads would land on you and pour off of you. It was really neat.

The art room had smocks to cover you clothes and paint, markers, crayons and paper to let kids create whatever they wanted. When they were done, they could put their painting on a drying rack to leave it while they played (in the future, we'll visit this room first so there's more time for the paint to dry!)

The tot spot is an enclosed section labeled for kids 3 and under. There were big blocks to play with, some toddler toys, this kitchen set and a train set

Sedona loved checking out the aquarium

Everyone enjoyed the grocery store, complete with scanner that beeps when you pass items under it
The space section has all of the planets hanging from the ceiling and some lessons on gravity. There are space suits to put on and this large space ship to play in.
Here is the mission control table

Here are all the controls inside the rocket ship

The building room had a lot of switches and gadgets to work with and magnetic gears the kids could move around to build their own gear train
Of course, one of my kid's favorites was the hospital section

They loved taking care of the baby dolls in the nursery section

The New BraunFit section that had this neat dental section, a healthy and smoker's lung, and a lighted play mat with games to play
There was a neat builder's house with velcro "siding" the kids could put up on the outside, and PVC "plumbing" they could connect on the inside At the "Lend a Hand Ranch", everyone could pet the (fake, but very realistic looking) longhornThe ranch house had a great front porch swing And an old timey radio inside that played classics like Twinkle Twinkle Little StarThere was also a full kitchenOutside, they could check out the chicken coop and ride the horses

In the campground, there was a kayak to row, a tent and cave to check out, cooking equipment and a pretend campfire to cook over The outdoor play area was closed for some renovations, but it includes this extensive water table In the banking section, the kids can take turns being the teller or withdrawing (play, obviously) money from the ATM

And last, but not least, the newspaper office
Where you can create a paper with your picture in it and also print it out to take home. Sierra must have made 10 of 'em
Kids and adults both LOVED it. I'm usually annoyed that adults have to pay full admission to children's museums, but this one was well worth the price. It's $5.50 during the school year and $7.50 during the summer. We spent over 2 hours there and could have easily stayed longer if we didn't have a long drive back home that evening.

I will definitely be making time to visit again!

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Ahhh that explains why she wanted to build with the extra pvc in the backyard today :-D


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