Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I didn't post yesterday because, well, NaBloPoMo or not, Thanksgiving is a family day. But I plan to make up for it with two posts today! Look for the next one later this afternoon or evening.

Josh smoked a turkey in his new smoker. We had issues on the timing and ended up eating dinner instead of lunch, but it was SO worth the wait. That was the best turkey I've ever eaten in my life.

A few pics of our dinner

Sierra wanted the drumstick and then gleefully said, "I'm like a viking!" as she ate it. The big surprise with her was that she actually like the stuffing.
Sedona snacked on green beans as she picked them out of the garden and then dug into the food at dinner time too. She kept asking for more "red stuff" (cranberry sauce) and "marshmallows with mashed potatoes" (sweet potatoes). She ended up with second servings of just about everything We made Secora a tray with a little bit of everything on it. She picked up the green bean and waved it around and touched the rest of the food with one finger Then she wiped her hands off while looking disgusted and yelled until we gave her freeze dried yogurt.
All in all, a good meal! I think I may need to stock up on turkey before Christmas though and put Josh to work smoking them for turkey pot pies!

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