Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Is Upon Us

You might not know fall is here by the temperatures (which are still hovering in the low 80's). Everyone is complaining about the lack of cool weather except me. I will gladly take a Texas winter in place of a Montana one, but I'm also quite content to stay in shorts and t-shirts for a little while longer.

My kitchen is ready for fall though. With Thanksgiving coming up, sweet potatoes have gone back on sale for 20 cents a pound, which means we went out and bought about 30 pounds of them. We will be eating sweet potato pancakes and have also canned enough to last us the year. The picture is the first canner load we did. For some reason, I had written down that about 2 pounds of sweet potatoes were needed for each quart. In reality, it's more like one pound. Sweet potatoes are a little more advanced than things like jam and applesauce. They are low acid vegetables and need to be pressure canned (at 11psi for 90 minutes if you are doing quarts at sea level), but they're not tricky once you know how to work your pressure canner safely. We've finally gotten the hang of getting the correct head space too, which we couldn't quite figure out last time

So far, we've canned 14 quarts and 7 pints. We will probably can another 6 or 7 quarts tomorrow.

Our neighbor's very large pear tree is also ready to donate fruit and they are kind enough to let us pick from it, so we will be making pear sauce here soon too!

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