Saturday, November 19, 2011

Contractions are(n't) Tough

Sierra's got her verbs, nouns and adjectives down now, and her grammar workbook has come back around to contractions. She was introduced to contractions last year and had a heck of a time figuring them out. She uses contractions in her daily speech and writing, but when you ask her to tell you what two words the contraction stands for or give her two words and ask her to make the contraction, she draws a blank almost every time.

So, we could do worksheets until the cows come home, but games are so much more fun, right? I cut apart some paper plates we had leftover from Secora's birthday (you could just as easily use notecards or plain paper) and wrote the contractions and what they stand for to create a memory game for her.
Once she gets a little better at recognizing them, I plan to step up the difficulty a notch and do a 3 card memory game where she'll have to match (for instance) "you're", "you", and "are".

And while we're here, we've reached the knights and castles segment of our medieval history curriculum, so she made this princess hat this week

To make the hat, I cut a piece of string about 12-13 inches long. I tied each end of the string to the middle of a pencil, then I held one pencil at the corner of a piece of posterboard and pulled the other pencil around in a circle. When we cut the shape out, we had a large quarter-circle. One poster was big enough to make two hats. The girls sat down and colored their hats the way they wanted them, then we rolled them up and taped the edges. There was still a little hole at the point of the hat, so we put some ribbons (which Sierra later braided) in there and taped them down on the inside. You could put the hat on with bobby pins, but Sierra wanted elastic on her hat, so I punched two holes and we used some elastic thread I had to make a chin strap.

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Carolyn said...

Now I want a princess hat. Cute project.


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