Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Autumn Activities

This post was ridiculously hard to get up (uploading issues), so I hope someone out there appreciates it!

I’ve been trying to find fall-themed activities for the girls to do this week. Both of these ideas are things I found on pinterest.

First up, fall trees. I drew bare branch trees on white construction paper, then the girls decorated them with red, yellow and orange “leaves” by dipping q-tip in paint and putting dots on the paper.
Next, we made fall themed cookies. I used a regular rolled sugar cookie recipe and added food coloring after all the wet ingredients were blended, before I added flour. Again, I made red, orange and yellow After the dough had chilled in the refrigerator overnight, I broke it into chunks and laid out a mixture of colors on a well floured surfaceAs I rolled the dough out, the pieces started to come together. I stopped and pushed them all closer together (just by pushing on the outside of the circle) a few times and added in smaller chunks of dough where there were bigger gaps that didn’t look like they’d close up Once it was all rolled out, we had multi-colored dough to work withThe girls cut out the cookies using leaf shaped cookie cutters We (okay……I) drew “veins” on the leaves with a toothpick Then we baked as normalThe leftover dough could be rolled a second time and still get a similar effect: After the second rolling, I let the girls just play with whatever dough was left. I even set Secora up in the middle of the table and let her join in (of course, I stayed right next to her as well as reminded the older girls that they were NOT allowed to sit in the middle of the table).She seemed to enjoy the sensory experience. Given her eating issues, I found it rather interesting that she didn’t really want her hands dirty, but didn’t mind the rest of her being covered in flour. Mostly, she seemed happy to be getting to play like one of the big kids though.

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