Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are You Still Here?

Oh, hello. You're still reading huh? 15 days in and I think I've hit the wall on this blogging every day thing. I've gone through the easy stuff I had saved up and the rest of the ideas I want to blog about are going to take a fair amount of thought to get out the right way.

So I'm kinda out of ideas for what to post today.

Oh look! A bird!
Did that distract at all from the lack of actual post in this post?


Sigh. That's a hummingbird that showed up in my neighbor's yard with about 30 of his (her?) closest friends back in September or so. They (the neighbors, not the birds) put up hummingbird feeders and they must've filled them with the hummingbird equivalent of crack, because there were tons of hummingbirds around for the longest time.

I really need to go check out the prompts at NaBloPoMo and come up with something better to write...

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