Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Garden Update

I stopped doing regular garden updates because the garden reached that point where it didn't require too much care besides regular watering. It's doing well though! I let the weeds get out of hand and had to do some work to get them back under control, but the plants are happy and starting to produce.
That's a tomato just starting out. Not sure if we'll be able to get some before it really freezes here or not, but I'm still hopeful
Those are green beans
That's a brussels sprout plant still happy, but not yet producing sprouts
And THAT? That's what happens when a child knows that 85 cents plus 15 cents is 1 dollar, but she's spacing out on how exactly to write that equation and knows 85+15=1 is wrong, so she just draws a picture of a dollar bill instead. I gave her credit for ingenuity and then gave her a clue and had her write it the right way too.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Our brussels sprouts look the same! No sprouts yet, either. We are battling some serious leaf-eating worm/caterpillars that are invisible to my eye, but thankfully, hubs can spot them. I love Sierra's math work! Too cute!


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