Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Always Check The Forecast

So I lost my motivation on the whole posting every day thing (obviously). Partly because of our internet situation (we are making do with a really cheap, but really slow connection because I refuse to support the only cable internet provider available to us), but also because things are just starting to ramp up and get a little crazy around here for the holidays.

But for today, I have a hard earned lesson to share with you. A lesson that you'd think I would've learned years ago.

Always check the weather forecast.

I knew it was going to get cold, but I didn't take the time to actually look at the forecast. And then I went out to the garden yesterday morning and discovered we had dipped below freezing over night.

How did I know that? Well, my tomatoes looked like this:
And my green beans looked like this:
And I was as sad as those sad, sad little plants. This was not unavoidable. Nearby tomato plants--as in, in the same garden bed, just slightly more sheltered--looked fine: Which tells me we only hit 32 or 31. Just enough to kill off those warm weather loving plants. Had I checked the forecast and taken the time to go outside and cover up those plants with a sheet or two, they probably would have been fine. But they're not.

And I'm losing out on food I could have been harvesting.

Which sucks.

Lesson learned.

At least the cold weather crops are loving life

The broccoli is going to be ready before we know it
The first few peas are ready as well, just not enough for a meal yet. I think the cauliflower is starting to produce too, but it still has leaves folded up, so I can't see. I'm curious for it take off because I've never seen cauliflower growing before. I know you have to cover the cauliflower with the leaves so it will stay white, but I'm not sure yet what that will entail.

But remember kids.....check the forecast!!

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