Monday, November 7, 2011

50 (or there abouts) States

Sierra has learned the 50 states song. My friend Erin and I sang it for her a few months ago and she wanted to learn it, so I tried to teach it to her and it wasn't going well, so I gave up. She didn't though, she sat down with an atlas and practiced and practiced. She came up to me 2 days later and said, "Hey Momma! Listen to this!" and she had it.

She has proceeded to torture serenade us with it ever since. So Sedona is starting to pick it up too. It's safe to say she doesn't quite have it yet, but it's pretty cute to listen to (don't worry, Sierra videoed this while I was driving):

Some of my favorite parts: "...Indiana, I love [Iowa], Kansas, Kentucky, Louisianavain [Louisiana, Maine]..." and "...Montana, Nebraskaaaaaaa, Yvonna [Nevada]..." and at the end, "...Texassssssssss is the best, but I forgot Wyoming..."

And that's not food on her chin. She fell at the playground on Halloween and split her chin. We had to go have it glued up and the glue is starting to come off now. I'm glad we've avoided stitches thus far, but you'd think with 3 dainty little girls we wouldn't have gone through so much dermabond in so few years!

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