Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, Monday, Monday!!!

I woke up this morning to a 4 year old asking in her best stage whisper, "SISTER!! Can we get up yet?!?" For several years, the rule in this house is you do not get up until 7am (barring nightmares, puke, pee and alien invasion, of course). This "whispering" happened at 6:15am. Not cool.

Talking that was loud enough to wake me up was also loud enough to wake up a certain 11 month old. Really, really not cool.

When you have a baby, the first task in the morning is often to change the diaper. In my groggy state, I took off the old diaper and got her all cleaned up before I realized there were no more clean diapers. No worries, I had more put away in the closet, I just hadn't gotten them out. I put the (now diaperless) baby in the crib and got the new pack of diapers. I came back, a whole 10 seconds later, to find a happy baby who had peed all over herself, the crib, and the floor.

I'm glad it wasn't worse than that, but still.......Hello Monday!

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