Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Garden Update

We got rain! A slow, soaking rain. Three quarters of an inch of rain. And now I sound like my grandparents, I never would've known the rain totals 5 years ago. We really needed it and I'm sure the garden will be growing by leaps and bounds this week.

Everything is going really well. There wasn't much work to do out there this weekend, I just pulled weeds here and there as I was walking by. We still have issues with blight out there, so I did end up pulling off and throwing away some tomato plant leaves. You don't want to leave those in the garden because it just spreads the blight. It also tends to flare up after rain because the falling water makes the soil splash up on the lower leaves, which infects them. Normally, I'm watering with drip line, so it's not a constant problem, but with the rain, I imagine I'll need to be pulling off more leaves soon. I took a picture of one spot of it in case anyone needs to know what it looks like It starts with the yellow along the edge of the leaves, then they turn brown and there are usually spots of brown if you let it go longer. It starts when the soil splashes up on the lower leaves, but it works its way up the plant. Some people try to prevent it by stripping the lower leaves off the plant before it starts. You also get blight on potato plants and if you let it go, it ends up infecting the tomatoes and potatoes.

Overall, the tomatoes are growing rather well though I am even seeing some flower buds on them I have been keeping milk jugs full of water in the sun and on nights when the temperature is going to be below 60, I go out in the evening and put one of the warm milk jugs next to each plant. I imagine these will have a growth spurt this week from the rain and need to be staked up next weekend.

The broccoli really took off last week I'm collecting broccoli recipes, but if things continue growing like they are, I'll need to blanch and freeze some too.

The peas have started wrapping their little tendrils around their fencing and will be climbing real soon The second bed of peas I planted never really took off though. There were more weeds in that bed to contend with and I didn't prep it very well, so I think there is just more competition there. I'll still get some peas out of it, just not as much The cabbage grew a lot last week too It is starting to be attacked by caterpillars. This is always an issue, I'll need to get out there and pick off and squish caterpillars soon (the holes are where the leaf's been eaten) The brussels sprouts are holding their own though The cauliflower is also doing well And the beans are growing by leaps and bounds, but not climbing. These are labeled as bush beans, but in the past when we've given them supports, they've still climbed and produced better, so I'm kinda curious why they're not taking off yet. Overall, there's been some great progress!!

It's only been 2 weeks since I put in transplants and 4 weeks since I planted peas and beans. It's really amazing to look back at when I planted everything and see how much it's grown already!

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