Monday, October 3, 2011

Dirt n' Bugs

I plan on doing the bulk of the gardening work each Saturday morning and taking pictures every week to see the progress things are making. This is week 3. Last week, things were just starting to sprout and I also transplanted a lot of plants I bought at the local co-op. I got all of the drip line back in working order and the valves all sorted out so the beds that are planted get watered and the beds that I'm leaving empty don't get water. Things have really taken off!!

Here are all the broccoli plants: They've settled in well and seem to be growing. The tomatoes are pretty happy too: The brussles sprouts are growing well: The cabbages have had a little drought stress because it took me an extra 2 days before I got their water line set up well enough to keep everyone happy, but they're still doing pretty good: The cauliflower doesn't look like it's grown much to me, but it doesn't look bad either, so maybe that's normal? When we made a trip to Lowe's one day, the girls talked me into buying a blueberry bush. We tried these once before and the dogs tore them up. They are little labor intensive because they need acidic soil and ours is too alkaline by itself. This is a tifblue, which is one of the best varieties to grow here though, and I put it out by a fence we have in the back, so it's not in the way of any dogs who have an undeniable urge to take off running after whatever little critter they've spotted in the trees: Right next to the blueberries, they had blackberries. We've grown those before (at a different house, but in this town) and they did extremely well, so I'm pretty sure this one will do okay. This is an arapaho blackberry bush, which is what we had success with in the past: But the big story is the beans and peas! Those little beans I showed last week have gotten huge already! Quite a few have fallen victim to grasshopper attack (that green stick in the middle is what you're left with after a grasshopper enjoys 5 leaf dining in your garden): A lot of the plants managed to get out their true leaves anyway though and I've gone along and planted 2-3 extra beans for each plant that's been eaten. I'm just hoping I grow enough to feed us and the grasshoppers because there's not much I can do about the grasshoppers until next spring.

The peas are very impressive too. I put up a zig zag of netting for them to climb and since I took these pictures, they've already reached out their little tendrils and started grabbing on to it.

Are you growing a fall garden? How are things going? Some blogs I read are in such northern zones they have already harvested their cabbages and pulled up all their plants to let the beds overwinter!

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