Wednesday, October 12, 2011

11 Months

I just can't believe Secora's going to be one year old in just one month. I guess I'm gonna have to stop saying things like, "where's the baby?" And yes, "where's the baby?" is a somewhat common phrase around here, because she is extremely mobile now. Still crawling, but that works just fine to get her everywhere she wants to go. Most often, she wants to escape the living room and go hang out in the girl's room where all the cool toys are. Only slightly less often, she crawls into the pantry and checks out our food storage.

She's 17#13oz. She hasn't gained any weight in the last month. I think that's partly because she's gotten so mobile and partly because of the eating thing.

She's still not eating, but we are making a little progress. We went to the occupational therapist a couple of weeks ago for an evaluation. She definitely has "oral defensiveness", which pretty much means she just can't handle food. The OT described it as her brain's desire to protect her from choking is just in hyper drive, so as soon as something even touches her lips, her brain over reacts to keep the food out of her mouth or get it out of her mouth if it's already there. The treatment is to desensitize her, so we have some exercises we've been working on for that. We started out just playing with a toothbrush and then an electric toothbrush that's turned on. We worked up to "finger swipes", which means I use my finger to touch and tap on certain parts of her hard palate and gums. That needs to be done just before meals and once between meals. The OT also had some ideas to try for just getting food in her, things like just letting her play with food instead of focusing on eating, and putting food at the side of her mouth instead of in the middle. All of this has helped, but slowly. She WANTS to eat now, which is a little pitiful. She still gags, but she will keep coming back for more tastes. A while back, she licked a spoon dipped in chocolate pudding, gagged, then licked it again and gagged again. She kept this up until, 10 or 15 tastes later, she finally got a baby sized bite of it. She eventually worked herself up to taking bites without gagging. The next day when I tried again though, it was starting back at square one. If we're really persistent and sit down and try for half an hour or so, she might eat 1/4 tsp of food. Just today, after about 45 minutes in her high chair, she ate some puffs, which was HUGE. So we're a long way from having a full meal of solid food, but I think we'll get there. I'm hoping we can find something she'll at least play in and taste to give her at her 1st birthday, not sure there's much point in doing a traditional smash cake. Also looking forward to one day sleeping through the night again. She wakes up at least twice a night, usually more, to nurse. Since she's not eating anything else and not gaining, I don't think it's wise to push her to give up the night nursings. It's nice to snuggle with her at night when the whole house is quiet, but 7am comes awfully early.

She only had 2 teeth for three months, but she's finally adding to the count. She's cut four teeth in the last week. Two on the top and two on the bottom. She's not cutting them in the regular order, so she looks a little lopsided, but there are 2 more teeth that are very close to coming in and I'm thinking she'll have all 8 front teeth by her first birthday. She's a really good teether so far. She drools and sucks on one of her fingers, but isn't fussy during the day. She gets crankier at night and it was hard to deal with that at first because it wasn't any easier to get tylenol in her than it was to get her take food, I had to really force the medicine on her. I think she realized it helped though, because the last few times, she at least took it willingly. It was slow going and she made lots of faces, but she didn't fight me over it.

She's starting to work on talking. Sometimes if she's fussy, I'll ask if she wants milk and she'll nod her head "yes" and be quiet and wait for me. She occasionally makes the sign for "milk" and "dog". She says "mama" and "dada" and "guh" (for dog).

She will cruise if she really wants to, but more often, she sits down and crawls. She lets go while standing up, but hasn't shown any interest in actually taking a step yet.

Before long, I'll be writing up her first birthday post!! Time flies when you're snugglin' a baby!

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