Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vanquishing Vomity Demons

Yeah, you heard me. Vomity Demons.

For now (and hopefully not much longer...some progress was made on fixing previous job snafus earlier this week) I am single parenting these three little people most of the time. For the most part, this works out fine. We've got a lot to do and we all get on each other's nerves a whole lot less than we did when we were stuck in the house all day up north.

Where single parenting three children does not work so well is when vomity demons sneak up at 1am and throw a momma from her bed to puke in a bucket on the floor while keeping one hand on the baby to be sure she doesn't crawl off the bed.

By 3am, the baby was screaming in her crib wondering why she'd been abandoned while momma laid on the bathroom floor, heaved with any movement and pitifully called out, "I'm sorry Secora!". Knowing she was going to HAVE to be picked up eventually to be fed and changed and that the other kids would be up in about 3 hours had me crying for my own momma. And bless her heart, she got up and made the 2 hour drive in the middle of the night.

She took care of the baby so I could sleep when I stopped puking. She got the big girls breakfast when they woke up. While I laid in bed mostly in a daze all day, she took care of Sierra when the vomity demons attacked her too.

The next day I made it out of bed, Sierra was recovering well, Secora and Sedona continued to hold strong and it appeared we were on the upswing. I put Sedona in the bath that evening and let her play for a little bit. It wasn't long before I heard the very urgent, "Momma!! I need you!!" Yup, vomity demons again. And that child had eaten mac and cheese and mandarin oranges for dinner. I really need to teach her to chew her food better.

She got hit a bit worse than her sister, but she bounced back pretty good too.

I'm crossing my fingers that Secora will still escape it. This could be a benefit to her refusal to eat (random factoid...breastfed babies have a different gut flora than formula fed or solids eating babies, I'm hoping that's keeping the bug from taking hold).

In the meantime, I've got a date with some vomity demons that need to be vanquished. Bring on the bleach!

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