Friday, September 23, 2011

Sierra's Story

The other day, Sierra asked for some paper to color on. Later on she brought me 3 pictures along with 3 parts of a story. I thought it was pretty cute, so I'm sharing it here
"It was a sunny morning in Texis. And ol the kids were plaing at school""But then it was raning at lunch time and then the kids culd not play. but inewa the kids had to eat"
"But then it was sunny! But then the kids culd play and play and play."

She wrote another, un-illustrated story later in the day too (she didn't watch her spelling so much on this one...lots of misspelling of "mouses" and "silly"):
"ounc ther livd two sile mowsis and they puted on a sile show abowt two sile girls thows girls were named Sierra and Sedona and ther litil sister was named Secora. Thows girls were sile as the mowsis and the mowsis and the girls were prite sile together infact thay made a sile show and a sile band and a sile cake and sile sile sile stuf but it ends at bed time becus kids have to go to bed. But in the morning you get to play mor and you kan play all day."

Obviously still a little kid, but it's amazing to me how far she's come in the last year!

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