Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Garden Pests

The garden is growing really well. But about 1 in every 20 bean plants has been completely defoliated. And when I walk around the beds, many grasshoppers jump out in front of me. Grasshoppers love beans. They don't love peas or tomatoes, and my peas and tomatoes both look fine, so it appears I have a grasshopper problem.

I turned to my trusty friend google to find out how I could control grasshoppers. That led me to the Colorado Extension website, where I learned that I'm plain ol' S.O.L. Turns out you really can't do much about grasshoppers once they're adults besides give them something tasty to eat away from the garden. I'm just gonna put a few more beans in the ground every weekend and hope there are enough plants that they can't eat them all before they get a good start.

For future reference, I learned they like to lay their eggs in dry, untilled soil. So this was basically a fabulous year for them in my backyard. I have noticed they're all brown, not green. The science geek in me is wondering if they're brown because the grass is brown, or if it's just that mostly brown ones have survived because they were better camouflaged while green grasshoppers were eaten by birds.

Josh keeps telling me birds are the solution to grasshoppers. He's right, but the only birds we really have an abundance of right now are hummingbirds. He says that's perfect, just tie a hummingbird to a stick and use it as a spear to stab the grasshoppers. I suppose I should just be glad he doesn't want me to catch them out of midair with chopsticks.


Leslea said...

Hey now, there is nothing wrong with chopsticks :-p

The Hills said...

I won't deny it, I seriously considered slipping in a Leslea joke there ;-)


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