Saturday, September 10, 2011

Disney World Day 6

It was time for our last day at Disney World. No one was ready to give it up, but the girls handled it surprisingly well. They were happy they got to go rather than sad they were leaving.

Because their favorite things were at the Magic Kingdom, we decided to spend the day there. We packed up our things and loaded them into the car. We had to be out of the hotel room by 11, but we could keep our car in the parking lot and stay in the parks until closing time. Whatever allowances we had left on our dining plan would remain until midnight.

Before we left the room, I did a quick check to see if any seats had opened up at the Crystal Palace. I had tried to get breakfast or lunch reservations there before we left with no luck at all. Surprisingly, there was a space for the very first lunch seating of the day! I snagged it and we headed off to the park.

We spent this day re-riding our favorite rides and also trying out Astro Orbiter. Astro Orbiter is basically the dumbo ride, only you take an elevator to the roof (basically, 3rd floor) of a building to get on the ride and it goes faster. Sierra didn't like it at all. Sedona loved it. She made the car go as high as it would go and then put her hands up in the air and gleefully shouted, "yay!!!" I don't have many pictures from this day, because we were mostly redoing things we had already done.

I did take pictures at lunch though. The reason I wanted to go to Crystal Palace is because it's the Winnie the Pooh and friends meal
This would have been one table service meal on our dining plan, except that we had already used all of our meals, so we paid out of pocket. It was a buffet in line with the other buffets we had gone to: kid friendly options, and grown-up things as well.

In the lobby area right when you walk in the door they have these great flower sculptures of the characters

We got a visit from Winnie the Pooh right off the bat

Later, Eeyore came by

(Sedona didn't want to see Eeyore. We have some pictures of her with Eeyore, but she's just focusing on eating her pizza and completely ignoring him).

Piglet came by too
Tigger was the most popular character and it was beginning to look like we would have to sit around for quite a while before we could see him, so we decided not to wait.

After lunch, Secora got to take her first spin on the carousel
It's hard to tell in the picture, but she was giggling like crazy, she loved it.

It was getting near parade time and the girls wanted to see that again, so we sat down in Frontierland where we could have front row seats. While we were waiting, Josh checked his email and saw a message from my mom that Tropical Storm Lee was going to interfere with our drive home. We checked the weather and sure enough, things were looking dicey in the gulf. We had planned to spend the night in Lake City and then take I-10 back to Texas, but it looked like that plan was a really bad idea. We decided it was going to work best to leave as soon as possible and drive all the way up to Tifton, GA for the night, then work our way over to I-20. We thought that would probably keep us out of the worst of the storm if we didn't waste time. It would've been nice to have more time at the park (and I was secretly hoping to jump on the monorail and go over to Epcot for one more turn at Turtle Talk with Crush), but I'm sure glad we left when we did because even with taking the more northern route, we stayed just ahead of the tornado warnings for much of the drive.

It was a great trip and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Sierra would like us to stop eating out so we can save all of our extra money and take another trip out there. Sedona would like them to replace all the automatic flush toilets to "potties with handles", but otherwise she had a great time. Josh and I were utterly exhausted, especially since the kids all got rested up on the drive home, but it was well worth it to see their faces light up the first time they saw the castle....and the second time...and the third time....and the fifteenth time. They had that awed expression on their face for most of the week and more than once, Sierra proclaimed, "this really IS a magical place!"

I will be making one more post about the logistics of the trip and things we wish we'd done differently, look for that later today (children, naps and fussy babies permitting)

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