Friday, September 9, 2011

Disney World Day 5

Whew! Are you tired yet? We sure were!

Day 5, we planned to spend the day at the Animal Kingdom. I really enjoyed the Animal Kingdom when I went to Disney World pre-kids, but that's because I really liked looking at all the different animals. I knew it'd be different with little ones and I had a feeling this park was not going to be their favorite.

We started out the morning by visiting Camp Minnie Mickey, where you could take pictures will all sorts of different characters, including some that are only available here, like Pocahontas and Brer Rabbit. The girls made the rounds, including visiting Goofy, which surprised me. Back on day 2, they refused to see Goofy, but Goofy in hiking gear is apparently okay? They even played with his ears. They thought Chip and Dale were hilarious (they stole the girls' hats for the picture). I only have a few pictures because the others are on the photopass account and I haven't ordered those yet.

We walked over to the Safari ride, but Secora was asleep, so I sat with her while Josh took the big girls on the ride. We have lots of pictures of the animals (especially in the morning, you get to be very close to things like giraffes and rhinos), but it's really nothing too terribly Disney specific. Sometime in the future, I'd really like to do their Wild Africa Trek, but our girls aren't old enough for that yet.

After the safari ride, we tried to ride the Kali River Rapids ride, but Secora couldn't go on it, there was a 45 minute wait, and they were not handing out Fast Pass tickets, so we passed it up. Next, we passed the Finding Nemo musical, which was just about to start, but we decided not to see it. So we headed to Dinoland, which was more disappointment. We wanted to ride Primeval Whirl, but it was shut down for renovations, we got in line for triceratop spin, but it wasn't working right and they shut it down right before we got on.

We headed over to the boneyard, which was another playground, and the kids LOVED that
I know, she doesn't look real happy, but that's just the sun in her eyes
We considered seeing It's Tough to be a Bug, which is a 3D show that also includes things like puffs of air and drops of water to make it feel like you're in the show, but honestly, even at 18, parts of it kinda scared me, so we decided it wasn't going to be fun for the girls.

After all that walking and not much doing, it was time for our lunch reservations at Tusker House. This was one of my favorite meals food-wise. The kid's buffet had typical kid fare, but the adult buffet was mostly Mediterranean foods. Curry and couscous and samosas are right up our alley. Plus, I was trying to eat low fat so I didn't have any post-gallbladder surgery regrets, and most of the things on this buffet were safe for me. I was able to eat until I was really full without worrying and it was really good food.

On our way out of the restaurant, we passed a drum circle, so Sedona immediately joined in with the dancing

We were hot, and exhausted, and had plans to get out again that night, so after lunch, we decided to just head back to the hotel. One more quick visit with Timon at the gates, and we headed for the bus
We had grand plans of swimming at the hotel pool, but there was a thunderstorm that lasted for hours. So we just lounged around the hotel and let Secora have a really good nap before grabbing dinner at the hotel food court.

That evening we went to Downtown Disney to do the majority of our souvenir shopping (Sedona had great fun at the Mr. Potato head station, where you can pick your our Mr. Potato head pieces and pay $20 for whatever fits in the box...she created a Tinkerbell Potato Head). Another bus ride to the Contemporary Resort, and we walked over to the Magic Kingdom for the Electric Light Parade. This one wasn't running Wednesday night when we were there, so I wanted to go back over on Thursday to catch it. We barely made it in time, Sedona actually fell down on the way because we were walking too fast for her. We got to see it though and I think the girls were impressed. I'm not a good enough photographer to get good shots of it, but basically the floats and the people are completely covered in small lights. It's pretty cool to see.

We asked the girls what their most favorite thing was that we had done and they both answered with the magic carpet ride, the carousel and the dumbo ride. We had one day left and we had already visited all of the main parks once, so that made the decision of which one to return to easy...they're all at the Magic Kingdom, so that's where we were headed for day 6!!

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