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Disney World Day 3

Disney day 3, we had big plans. We had heard about the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. I was of the opinion that it would be great fun for a little girl if you just had money to blow. Josh was of the opinion that it was a necessary activity that the girls would be beyond thrilled with. When we told them we were going to Disney and I showed them pictures of the boutique, I told them that I wasn’t going to sign them up, but Daddy had made them reservations because he thought they should go. They immediately tackled him with hugs and “thank yous”.

So the day finally came. We had made 9:05am reservations at the Downtown Disney location (there is another one in the Magic Kingdom at the castle)

We purchased the crown package, which meant they’d get their hair, make up and nails done. They wore the dresses they already had. When we arrived, they were handed a card with pictures of the available hair styles and they both chose princess hair. While they were doing that, their “invitation” was printed out so they were handed a fancy invite with their name on it when it was time to go meet up with their “fairy godmother in training” (or as Sedona says, “fairy gothmother”). Here is their “before” picture Inside, they were seated directly across from each other, which made it easy to see each other and also for the photopass photographer to take pictures of both of them at the same time (again, more on that later). Sedona was scared at first, but the lady she was working with was absolutely fabulous with her. She is the same lady that is on all of the ads for BBB, so I think she’s probably been doing this a while. Sierra’s fairy godmother in training seemed to be quite a bit more new, but she did fine as well. They started out by getting their nails painted

Then they got to pick out their make-up colors
and get their eye shadow, lip gloss and blush
They also go to pick a crystal tattoo to put on
Then it was time for hair

Last, but most certainly not least, it was time for the glitter (we’re all still covered in glitter). Because details matter at Disney, they even say, “Bibbidi bobbidi boo!” when they do this part

Once their sash was pinned on, they were turned around to face the mirror and see what they looked like
On the way out, they spotted another mirror they insisted on standing in front of for a little while
I’m gonna have to go with Josh and say this was definitely worth doing. We ended up paying $115 total. That got both girls nails, make-up and hair. The crown that is in their hair and a Mickey Mouse jewel clip along with the sash were included (the crown costs $17 in the gift shops). They got to bring home the palate of make-up, 2 bottles of nail polish, the comb that was used on them and the left over crystal tattoo stickers. Expensive, but not as bad as I thought considering all the leftovers you get to bring home. If you were buying a dress there, it would be quite a bit more pricey, but a lot of the little girls we saw came in already wearing a dress and no one batted an eye at that.

So what’s a princess to do when she’s all dolled up?
Head over to the Lego store of course!! These princesses like building blocks and cars just as much as their dresses.
I had never been in a Lego store before, so maybe this is standard everywhere, but we had a fun time filling a large container with the specific legos we wanted from a wall full of containers that had the legos sorted by color and function. I think the container we got was about quart-size and it was $15. Not a bad price for getting to pick exactly what you want. And we got a lot of stuff like parts to build cars and flower pots and windows that you don’t normally get a lot of when you buy large buckets. We also had fun creating our own lego people. You could pick what legs, torso, head, hat/hair and accessory you wanted and put them all together. 3 people cost $10. We also picked up some extra base plates and a lego separator while we were there.

On our way back to the bus stop, Sierra insisted on taking a picture with a Mickey and Minnie statute
After changing out of dresses again, we headed over to Hollywood Studios. It was about 11am by now and we made a quick stop to see Handy Manny (Sedona had to see him, Sierra stayed far away) Then we hurried over to grab fast passes for Toy Story Mania (fast pass is a system Disney runs where you put your ticket in a machine and it spits out a pass for you to come back and ride the ride at a certain time without standing in the regular line). I had heard we needed to pull fast passes for this ride first thing in the morning and even though the park had only been open 2 hours, we were almost too late, our fast passes were for 7:30 that night!!

Next, we headed over to Rockin’ Rollercoaster. This is my favorite ride at Disney, but it’s been 12 years since I’d been on it. Sierra met the height requirement and after explaining that it was in the dark, very fast and went upside down, I asked if she wanted to ride it. Big, BIG mistake on my part. I should have ridden it one time first. Instead, she and I went together. While we waited in line, I told her she could change her mind at any time before we got on the car. We watched the cars take off (very fast) while we stood in line and I continued answering her questions. She followed through with it and the ride was so much faster with so much more upside down time than I remembered!! She survived and didn’t even cry and she insists I didn’t traumatize her, but she does say she will not be riding that again until she’s 14. We had to take a picture to commemorate her bravery

Then it was time for lunch. We had reservations at Hollywood and Vine, which featured Disney Junior characters (again, one table service meal on the dining plan). Back at home when I was making all the dining reservations, I thought this would be a pretty safe meal. The girls are very familiar with Special Agent Oso, Handy Manny and Little Einsteins, which are the featured characters here. I have no pictures from this meal because both of them were completely freaked out. I will say the characters were very good about staying away, all we had to do was wave them off and shake our head “no” and they would go right past us. The girls lived in fear of them coming over anyway though and there was a fair amount of crying. If you have small kids that aren’t scared of the characters, this would be a really fun one to do though. There are breaks where they invite the kids to an open space on the floor and they sing songs and dance with the characters in addition to the regular visits at your table. The service here was stellar. We had a waiter that brought our drinks, explained the buffet and the rotation of the characters. The kid’s buffet was the same we saw everywhere else: mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. The adult buffet featured things like salmon fillet along with typical American fair like sandwiches. There was an extensive dessert buffet again including sundae station, tarts, and mousse.

After lunch, we went to see the Beauty and the Beast show, which I thought would be a big hit because Sierra loves Belle, but it was a little scary for Sedona and they weren’t very interested in seeing shows after this one. It was also outdoor, so they were hot and bored waiting for it to start.

We eventually made our way back to ride Toy Story Mania (fun ride, you are in a car with a gun type thing on the front and there are screens in front of you that are 3D. It’s like you’re inside an arcade shooting game).

The rest of the afternoon was taken up with watching the parade, visiting the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground, eating a quick service meal at the Back Lot Grill, and running back for another turn on Toy Story Mania. At the end of the day, Sierra really wanted to go visit Buzz Lightyear. Sedona wanted nothing to do with him, but she had fun waiting in line
Visiting Buzz required visiting Woody also and Sierra was scared of Woody, so I agreed to go up with her and act as a buffer

Back at the hotel, we had gained 2 bunny rabbits to go along with our elephant

Next up...a full day at the Magic Kingdom, including reservations at a dessert buffet with prime seats to watch the fireworks!

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