Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Disney World Day 2, Part 2

The evening of day 2, we had 8:30pm dinner reservations at 1900 Park Fare. After a short rest at the hotel in the afternoon, we headed back out to the parks for the evening.

At this point, riding the bus (and therefore waiting for the bus) was still an exciting activity
We only had about an hour and a half to do things, so we decided to go hang out in the Magic Kingdom. We intended to ride a few rides, but we happened upon the line to see Tinkerbell and the girls wanted to visit with her, so that’s what we ended up doing. I have to say, without fail, the characters and princesses were all extremely good with the girls. They were all in character, 100%, all the time. They all acted very excited to see the girls as well. I can imagine working there gets a bit tiring, but I can also imagine it’s pretty neat to spend your entire day with children that are absolutely thrilled to see you. When they were talking to Tinkerbell, Sierra excitedly told her she had seen her at the fireworks show (Tinkerbell flies from the castle over the Magic Kingdom at the beginning of the show). I’m sure she hears this all the time, but Tinkerbell didn’t miss a beat, she got all excited and told Sierra, “I KNEW I recognized you!!!”

By the time we were done there, we needed to get going to dinner. 1900 Park Fare is at the Grand Floridian, which is a stop on the monorail, so we rode that from the Magic Kingdom. If we can afford it, I’d love to stay at a monorail resort the next time around. It doesn’t go to every park, but it is much faster than the buses and a big bonus if you’re traveling with small children is that you don’t have to fold up strollers on the monorail. When you ride the bus, you must take the baby/child out of the stroller and fold it (a huge hassle if they’re asleep), but the monorail, you just push the stroller right on.

The girls wanted to wear their dresses to dinner, so I had brought them with us and took them into the bathroom next to the restaurant to help them change before dinner. Big mistake. The bathroom was tiny, with only 3 regular sized stalls. There wasn’t even room for them to change out by the sinks, all 3 of us had to squeeze into a stall and try to manage without getting the dresses dirty. If you have similar plans, I definitely recommend changing before you get there.

We managed though and hung out in the lobby waiting for our table to be readied

Dinner at Park Fare is with Cinderella and her family. Our reservation was for the last seating of the night, but I didn’t even realize that until after the fact. You would’ve thought the waitresses, chefs and characters had all just started their day by how nice and helpful they all were. Our waitress at this dinner appeared to be much more seasoned than the one we got at Akershus. She explained to us how the characters would rotate around the room so we could be sure we didn’t miss them and let us know about how much time we had before the first one came to us. She showed us where the adult and kid buffets were and got us our drinks.

The food was fabulous. I had read you just have to try the strawberry soup, so we did and boy was it yummy. The girls each ate 2 bowls of it before I cut them off because it tasted too good to possibly be good for you (I’ve since looked up the recipe and it appears to be mostly strawberries and heavy cream blended together with a little sour cream and yogurt added in). The kid's buffet had the staples of pizza, mac and cheese and chicken nuggets.
The adults had a lot of choices including salmon fillets, pork and roast beef along with a whole range of sides. For dessert, there was a buffet of everything from cookies to individual chocolate mousse cups and key lime tarts.
This was another meal covered by our dining plan and counted as one table service meal.

Of course, the main reason we were there was to see the characters. First up was Prince Charming. He was announced and walked into the room and Sierra looked over and said, “he’s so handsome!!” When he came near our table, she jumped right up to go take a picture with him.
Sedona wasn’t so sure and said she didn’t want to go see him. He tried to get her to just give him five instead. He would count to 3 and it was obvious he was trying to help us get a picture where it looked like he was holding her hand, but she kept slapping his hand at 2 instead of 3
Next, Cinderella came by, which was nice and all, but you know princesses….they’re so prim and proper.

The step sisters though. The step sisters make the show. They aren’t as well behaved as Cinderella, which makes them hilarious. As they passed each other, they would pull hair, pull down each other’s bloomers, get in fights and just generally cause mayhem. Lady Tremaine would occasionally split them up. The girls were a bit scared to see them before we got there, but once they saw their antics, they loved them.
Sierra tried telling them they needed to stop bossing Cinderella around, but they blew that off with a, “we don’t boss her around, she’s got a husband for that now.”
They also made a big deal out of the fact that they had 3 sisters in their family and we have 3 sisters in our family. They kept coming back to talk about how to treat sisters
Lady Tremaine even came by and commiserated with Josh and I about dealing with raising 3 girls This group was so fun that the girls even wanted to go see them again when we saw them out in the park.

All in all, it was a great end to a great day! We were getting our Disney legs under us and we had a better understanding of the dining and transportation systems, so we were doing a little better at planning our time and getting to see everything we wanted to see.

We got back to the hotel around 10:30 that night and thankfully the girls were more than ready to go to sleep. We had reservations for some pampering at 9 the next morning, so we all needed a little beauty sleep!

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