Monday, September 5, 2011

Disney World Day 2, Part 1

For our second day at Disney World (the first morning) we had reservations for a late breakfast with the princesses at Akershus (pronounced Acker-house, apparently?). We had a quick snack of beignets at the hotel (benefit of staying at the French Quarter resort) and then caught the bus to Epcot. There was a little bit of time to kill, so we went over to the Mickey and friends character greeting place.

Now, in the past, Sierra has been terrified of characters. Hyperventilating, crying, running from the room terrified. When she found out we were going to Disney World, she told us there were some characters she wanted to see and some she didn’t want to go near. We couldn’t figure out any rhyme or reason to her choices (and still haven’t). This particular greeting spot had Donald, who she was determined to see, but also had characters that she didn’t want to see. You waited in one line, and then made your way from Mickey to Minnie to Pluto to Donald to Goofy. I didn’t see the point in wasting the time we were allotted to be with the characters that she didn’t like, so Secora and I visited with them instead.

Surprisingly, Secora didn’t seem scared of the characters. She tasted Mickey’s nose
and she grabbed Pluto’s whiskers before tasting his nose too Then it was time for Minnie, who the big girls wanted to visit with
They were also excited to see Donald Donald was really great. He played peak-a-boo with Secora and when he saw that the big girls were scared of Goofy, he walked over and motioned for Goofy to kneel down, then took Sedona (Sierra was backed up against the wall) by the hand and walked over with her to introduce her. She ended up giving him a big hug
After the characters, it was time to head over to the Norway section of Epcot for our breakfast reservations
We were on the dining plan (more on that in a later post), and this counted as one table service meal. We had tried to get reservations at Cinderella’s Royal Table (which counts as two table service meals) and while it would’ve been neat to eat in the castle, I’m glad we couldn’t get that because we never would’ve gone to Akershus if we had. Belle, who is Sierra’s favorite princess, was the host of this meal. After checking in, we waited for a few minutes and then were called into the restaurant. We had a very short wait to meet with Belle. She (and I later realized this was a standard thing with all princesses) asked the girls to twirl around for her, which they did with gusto
After a little chit chat and some hugs, it was time for official pictures We took pictures and so did the Disney photopass photographer (again, more on that in a later post). They later brought us an 8x10 and three 4x6s of the picture the professional photographer took. At some meals you have to pay extra for these pictures, but they are included with the meal here.

The only thing I wasn’t happy with at this meal was the service from our waitress. I think we got the new person that just wasn’t very good yet. But we were seated, ordered our drinks and were directed to the buffet, which was full of American breakfast foods. We were also brought a platter of bacon, sausage, eggs and a breakfast casserole.

While we were eating, Belle’s friends made their way through the room visiting with each table. First up was Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Sedona was so excited when she spotted Snow White (her favorite) across the restaurant
The next visitor we had was Cinderella, who showed the girls a “special princess pose”
and shared hugs before moving on Finally, Snow White made it to our table and acted just as happy to see Sedona as Sedona was to see her
Secora started to get really fussy at this point (she was tired…yet again, more on that in another post), so I took her outside. Josh and the girls stayed at the table with the intention of waiting for Ariel (Little Mermaid) to come around, but it looked like it was going to take a lot longer, so they decided to just leave.

Outside, we soon came across a Snow White character greeting in the Germany section. I was a little disappointed Dopey wasn’t with her (he’s often there too), but Sedona wanted to go talk again. More dress twirling, more pictures
On the other side of Epcot, in the United Kingdom section, the girls decided to change out of their dresses. That was a fun activity in a public restroom. I did manage to keep the dresses out of the toilet and off the floor, but I was completely covered in glitter…I’m sorry, pixie dust…by the time we were done. Right after changing, we got to see Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She was really funny to listen to and did a great job staying in character and interacting with the kids

Back at the front of the park, we stopped in at the Finding Nemo ride. Josh had to have a picture by Dory
This was a ride that Secora could go on, so we all went in together
The ride lets out right by “Turtle Talk with Crush”, which is a definite must see. This was an interactive show where the adults sit on benches and the kids sit at the front of the room. On the screen, Crush from Finding Nemo is talking to all the “humans in the human tank”. A Disney cast member is walking around the kids with a microphone and the kids can ask whatever questions they want. Somehow they’ve made it so the audio (presumably from someone in a nearby room who is talking into a microphone) matches extremely well with the video you see on the screen. Not only is that impressive, Crush is hilarious. Josh and I are still quoting one liners from the show. If tropical storm Lee had not come along, I was totally planning to go over to Epcot again on our last day solely to watch this show again.

We had late dinner reservations for the evening, so we decided it was time to head back to the hotel around 3 or 4. We ran into Daisy on the way out and the girls HAD to have a picture with her

Back at the hotel, we found the cleaning ladies had left an elephant made out of washcloths. We would collect many of these animals over the week and no matter how tired the girls were at the end of the day, they were always excited to get back and see how their pillow pets and teddy bears had been arranged and what new animal had joined them.
Next up, Day 2 part 2!

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